Ozone Generator Support Systems: Mixers, Destroyers and Instruments

Ozone Mixing Equipment

Mixing equipment is needed to bring ozone together with the water to be treated in an efficient manner. Spartan supplies several options:

Porous Ozone Diffusers

The fine bubble diffusers are devices anchored to the bottom of the ozone contact chamber and made from an ozone resistant porous materials. The pressure from the ozone generator produces enough pressure to force the ozone through the diffuser forming many very fine gas bubbles. Given a contact vessel depth of 16-20 feet, 80-85% of the ozone in the gas stream can be transferred to the water.

Ozone Ejectors

Ejectors or venturi systems can allow ozone to be introduced into liquid media with a higher pressure than that available from ozone generators. It produces a flow containing many fine bubbles depending on the operating pressure and liquid/gas ratio. Spartan can provide venturis or complete side stream injection system skids. These skids can contain booster pumps, valves, venturi, pressure gauges and degassing tanks.

GasTran Ozone Injectors

In the GasTran Process water is sheared into ultra-fine droplets by a motor-driven, spinning rotor. Ozone gas passes counter-current to the water in the rotor and surrounds the water droplets. The ozone is then absorbed into the liquid. This system is designed for applications where high doses of ozone (up to 125 mg/l) need to be used. More details on the GasTran Ozone Injection System by following this link. A product data sheet is also available on the GasTran system in PDF format.

Special Pressurized Ozone Contactors

Special reactors are designed to bring ozone into contact with organic substrates or water that must be oxidized with the aid of physical and chemical additives, for example when ozone and hydrogen peroxide are used together as peroxone. The use of ozone with hydrogen peroxide is referred to as an Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP).

In-Line Ozone Mixers

When the liquid media has a pressure that is lower than that of the ozone generator, the ozone can be added to a static mixer that forms fine bubbles and achieves ozone enhanced transfer of the ozone from the gas phase to the liquid phase.

In line mixers can also enhance the mixing of ozone from a side stream injection system into the main flow of water to be treated.

Ozone Destroyers

The gas leaving the ozone contact system will have traces of ozone that often need to be removed before release into the environment. The destruction of ozone is based upon the principle of thermal decomposition. As the decomposition reaction proceeds optimally only above a minimum temperature, the gas must be heated. Energy can be saved using a heat recovery system or a catalyst based system can be used that decreases the required temperature. To learn more about ozone destroyers follow this link.

Gas Preparation Systems

Ozone generator operate with dry air or oxygen feed gas. Spartan supplies both type of gas preparation systems. For oxygen supply we offer PSA type oxygen concentrators. For air fed systems we offer high pressure heatless air driers.

Ozone and Related Measurement Instruments

Spartan offers a complete line of analyzers for gas and liquid phase measurement of ozone as part of an integrated ozne water treatment system from a variety of instrument companies. Instruments typically used for an ozone wate treatment system include hygrometers, low and high concentration ozone monitors, ambient ozone monitors, dissolved ozone monitors and ORP monitors. For more information on instrumentation and controls for ozone generator systems, please follow this link. Contact us for information on your specific needs.