Gas Tran Ozone Water Mixing

GasTran technology is the first commercially available solution to cost effectively treat waste streams with high doses of ozone in a single pass. The technology was developed in the 1990’s by two professors from Case Western Reserve University.Spartan Environmental Technologies supplies complete ozone water treatment systems and is an authorized distributor of GasTran ozone injection systems.

GasTran Rotating Packed Bed Technology

GasTran Units use specially engineered materials to shear an incoming fluid stream into ultra fine droplets. This process dramatically increases the surface area of the fluid to facilitate proven chemical processes. A detail technical paper describing the GasTran Process can be found in our technical library click on this link to open the document. GasTran Technology is significantly more efficient than current alternatives because it is continuously shearing and coalescing the liquid, exposing surface area to the gas medium. The drawing below illustrates the principal of operation of the GasTran system.

Ozone Injection System (Ozone Mixing/Contacting)

  1. Wastewater is sheared into ultra-fine droplets by motor-driven, spinning rotor
  2. Ozone gas passes counter-current to wastewater in rotor
  3. Ozone surrounds droplets and is absorbed into the liquid
  4. Ozone reacts to oxidize the chemical and biological contaminants
  5. Treated water discharges from the system

GasTran Ozone Injection Systems

Ozone has been used extensively in industrial wastewater treatment to reduce color, turbidity, COD and odor. At room temperature and atmospheric pressure, the half-life of ozone in water is less than 20 minutes, so achieving intimate contact with the wastewater is critical. Traditional ozone injection systems, while working well in low dosing application can encounter difficulties when high does of ozone are needed.

GasTran Technology combined with an ozone generator system can cost-effectively treat industrial wastewater streams with ozone at high doses. The key is highly efficient mass transfer combined with high gas to liquid (G/L) ratios. In addition, GasTran ozone injectors simultaneously degas unreacted or undissolved ozone, minimizing additional equipment, space requirements, and preventing downstream off-gas problems.

GasTran System Features

  • Capable of ozone doses above 100 ppm
  • Integrated off-gassing
  • Corrosion-resistant materials of construction
  • Reaches steady state saturation concentrations in seconds
  • Low operating pressure requirements
  • Highly scalable with a turn-down ratio of 95%
  • Non-fouling, low maintenance design easily handles suspended solids
  • Standard system designs to handle up to 150 gpm streams which can be combined with additional units or operated in a side stream configuration for higher liquid flow rates.