MCP Description

MCP Ozone Generator Skid Front view
MCP Ozone Generator Skid Rear View

The MCP series of ozone generators are industrial grade ozone generators producing 42-1400 g/h of ozone (2-74 lbs/day). The systems are compact and easy to use with a low initial investment. Ozone is produced from dried air, concentrated oxygen or from liquid oxygen.

Using electrodes made of composite materials, the MCP ozone generator operates at low voltage and high frequency. Both electrical power components and ozone generating vessels are enclosed in a single cabinet. The system is managed by a PLC with a touch panel HMI.

The units include mechanical,electrical and instrumental fittings. This new line of ozone generators is fully assembled and factory tested. They can be packaged with feed gas equipment, ozone mixing equipment, ozone vent gas treatment and instruments.

A data sheet on the MCP series ozone generator along with flow sheets and drawings can be found at the link below:

MCP XTL Series Ozone Generators.