TPF Ozone Generator

The TPF ozone generator employs the latest electronic technology and permits capacity increases by adding standard modules. The TPF can supply from 800 to 37,000 g O3/hr or 42 to 1977 lbs/day from air or oxygen feed. The following link provide more detailed information:

TPF Ozone Generator Specification

The TPF ozone generator consists of a cylindrical vessel in which a number of stainless tubes are welded between two fixed plates in a compact arrangement. A coolant flows around the outside of the tubes to remove heat produced in the generation of ozone.

The tubes serve as receptacles for calibrated high voltage electrodes with one tube and one high voltage electrode forming an ozone generating dielectric element. This method of construction prevents any possible contact of the coolant with the high voltage electrodes.

The tube’s inside diameter and the high voltage electrode’s outside diameter create a well-defined gap. The feed gas flows between the electrodes in this narrow gap where ozone is formed at the required concentration. Each ozone generating element has its own fuse that ensures the selective disconnection of a defective element from the others without any interruption in the process.

Power rack modules constitute the main power supply unit (PSU). Each PSU is constructed in compliance with the latest IGBT technology. A Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) checks each operation and instrument. A touch screen panel controls the PLC and a RS 485 serial port permits remote control and monitoring of the process.

  • Compact design and modular electronics
  • Individually fused dielectric elements
  • Stainless steel hydraulic connections
  • Skid mounted PSU and control connections
  • Process instrumentation included
  • PLC with touch screen control panel.
TPF XT Ozone Generator
TPF XT Ozone Generator Control Panel and PSU
TPF XT Ozone Generator Dielectrics