ULTRAZONE Advanced oxidation Process

ULTRAZONE Ultraviolet Ozone Advanced Oxidation System (AOP)

Removing organic carbon from water (TOC/COD/BOD) is becoming important in many industries because of stricter discharge requirements or increased water quality standards for internal water use. Ultraviolet (UV) Ozone based advanced oxidation processes can remove organic compounds from water in an environmentally sustainable fashion.

The ULTRAZONE process is a cost effective self-contain advanced oxidation process. It has been jointly developed by SPARTAN Environmental Technologies and UV Sciences. SPARTAN is a specialist in ozone based systems and skid level integration, and UV Sciences manufactures proprietary UV reactors and controls. Together they have created a compact fully integrated Ozone/UV advanced oxidation system for small to medium flow rates.

Click Here for a PDF of the ULTRAZONE Ozone UV Data Sheet.

ULTRAZONE Ozone UV Advanced Oxidation Process

The ULTRAZONE system includes the following equipment:
  • Oxygen Concentrator/Compressor
  • Ozone Generator
  • Venturi Based Ozone Water Mixing System with Booster Pump
  • Advanced Three Level Back Flow Prevention System
  • UV Reactor and UV Intensity Monitor
  • NEMA 4 Control Panel with Touch Screen PLC
  • Optional Instruments Include On-Line TOC Monitor
  • ORP Monitor and
  • Dissolved Ozone Monitor with or without integrated PID control


While all AOP produce hydroxyl radicals capable of destroying most organic compounds, Ozone/UV provides hydroxyl radical without the need to purchase or store chemicals. The process comes fully integrated with automatic controls on a skid, container or trailer for easy installation and use. Instrumentation packages make it easy to follow the progress of the treatment process and document performance. Systems are custom sized for individual applications for maximum value.
ULTRAZONE Ozone UV Advanced Oxidation Process Flow Sheet
PILOT System Available for Testing

An ULTRAZONE pilot system is available for testing at customer sites to evaluate the applicability of the ozone UV process to treat specific customer water. This permits clients to “try before they buy” a system to insure the process meets treatment objectives.