Information About Ozone and Ozone Water Treatment

Spartan Environmental Technologies provides ozone generators, ozone water treatment systems and advanced oxidation processes for industrial and municipal customers.  To help our clients, Spartan has gathered some basic information on ozone and its use in water treatment.

How Ozone is Made: Once you have a basic idea of what ozone and what it can be used for, you will probably be interested in knowing how it is made. The links below should help.

Corona Discharge Ozone Generators

Beyond Ozone - Advanced Oxidation: Ozone is a very powerful oxidant, but beyond ozone is the hydroxyl radical. The use of the hydroxyl radical is referred to as an Advanced Oxidation Process. This chemical oxidant is more powerful than any other oxidant and has many applications. The links below provide some general information about AOP and several types of AOP.

Ozone Based AOP Chemistry

Ozone in Water Treatment: It is important to understand why ozone is used in water treatment and how it is applied. Many people think you just need an "ozone generator". It turns out you need more than that and some process knowledge to get good results. The links below help explain.

Ozone Water Mixing Via Fine Bubble Diffuser