Spartan Environmental Technologies

Spartan was founded by in 2004. Since that time, Spartan has supplied ozone generators, ozone water treatment systems and advanced oxidation processes to various industrial and governmental clients.

Spartan engineers and manufacturers it own line of integrated ozone water treatment and advanced oxidation systems in the US (SPARTOX). We are also the sole US and Canadian distributor of large scale ozone generators for Ozono Elettronica Internazionale (OEI) of Milan, Italy. They have been producing ozone generators for over 40 years.

Spartan's focus is on integrated chemical oxidation and disinfection systems. Our goal is to provide complete solutions, not just individual pieces of equipment by taking advantage of our process engineering capabilities. This includes pilot and laboratory testing of new applications for our clients.

We have assisted a wide range of customers with our products and services.

Spartan is a corporate member of the International Ozone Association and Manufacturer's Agents National Association. We individually are also members of the American Water Works Association.

We welcome your inquiries. Please contact Tony Sacco at 800-492-1252 or e-mail him at