Atlas Series Ozone Generators

Atlas Series of ozone generators produce from 30 to 80 g/h of ozone (1.3 to 4.2 lbs/day). The Atlas series are designed to operate with oxygen feed either from LOX, bottled oxygen or from oxygen generated on site using pressure swing adsorption (PSA). These generators are air cooled and very compact. Spartan Environmental Technologies can integrate the AE series ozone generators into a wide variety of applications.

Some of the key features of the Atlas series include:

  • High Concentration 5-14% w-w for high ozone transfer efficiency
  • Low Oxygen Requirement 3-5 SLPM for 1 lb/day of ozone which reduces size and cost of oxygen concentrator
  • High Pressure from 10-120 psig working pressure which eliminates the need for an additional compressor
  • Air Cooled Design simplifies overall system
  • Compact Design saves space and can be easily located
  • Light Weight makes the Atlas a good choice for mobile systems while lowering shipping costs.
  • Maintenance Free with no serviceable parts,
  • Leak Proof Construction factory tested at up to 150 psig
  • Stainless Steel Enclosure for long life
  • Low Power consumption 250W for 1.5 lb/day.
  • 3 Years Warranty

Atlas Series Ozone Generator Models (click on item to download a PDF Data Sheet):