Algae Control Products

This page contains information on ultrasonic algae control products that you can download in PDF format.

LG Sonic products are designed to treat different size bodies of water. Select your application and then click on the product shown. This will bring up a one page description of the product.

Chlorinated swimming pools up to 165 feet in length. Reducing chlorine use by removing algae. SS100
Decorative gardens and small Koi ponds less than 33 feet in length SS200
Ponds less than 100 feet in length for roaming algae types and up to 260 feet in length for blue-green algae. SS400
Ponds up to a maximum of 3.8 acres with a reach of 330 feet. SS500
Ponds up to 8.5 acres for all roaming algae types and up to an incredible 60 acres for blue-green algae. SS600