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Spartan Environmental Technologies is an authorized dealer for AlgaeControl.US (AlgaeControl.US is the master distributor for Sonic Solutions and a supplier of other pond management products).

Ultra sound, such as that provided by the Sonic Solution systems, can be an important part of an algae control program for any body of water. It is important to note, however, that not all species of algae respond to ultra sound. In addition, to be effective the pond should be properly aerated and have a good balance helpful bacteria to consume nutrients that the algae are using for a food source. Besides the ultra sound systems, AlgaeControl.US offers a free algae analysis for your pond to see if it is populated with ultra sound resistant species of algae. AlgaeControl.US can provide a healthy bacteria for your pond, aeration systems and other useful and Eco friendly pond management products.

Ultra sound systems can also help with algae and biofilm control in cooling water systems and clarifiers found in both drinking water and wastewater treatment plants. You can learn more about the specific algae control products available from Spartan.

The following link provides a presentation on the use of ultra sound for algae control. Use the up/down arrows or the page up/page down keys to navigate through the presentation. Presentation on the use of Ultrasound Control for Algae.

History of Ultra Sonic Controls Algae

The discovery that ultrasound waves in water kill algae was made over sixty years ago in submarine sonar experiments. The Sonic Solutions has been perfecting the application of this technology for many years so that now everyone can benefit from this non-chemical approach to eliminating algae.

Benefits include:

  • Chemical-Free! Environmentally safe
  • Kills algae: blue-green toxic, green, black, string, filamentous, yellow, etc.
  • Kills root parasitic fungi like Pythium and Fusarium(in water)
  • Does not harm humans, animals, fish or plants
  • Reduces chlorine use in swimming pools, drastically
  • Removes bio-film: Boat hulls, swimming pools, tanks, etc.
  • Low power consumption (from 20 to 45 watts)
  • Virtually maintenance free (wipe off the transducer face occasionally)
  • No moving parts, No filters to clean, No bulbs to replace
  • State of the art electronics signal transmitter
  • Transducer made in USA
  • Easy to install (GFCI outlet on 120 volt household current)
  • 2 year manufacturer's service warranty
  • Affordable pricing and saves you time so you may enjoy your water!
Algae Photo
Algae Photo

More about the transducer:

The ultrasonic transducers (underwater speaker part of the unit) have the widest output scope (176ยบ) and range (up to 150 meters for roaming algae and up to 400 meters for blue-green algae) making it the most effective ultrasonic transducer in this field.

How it works:

The complex pattern of ultrasonic vibrations through the water causes the algae vacuole cell wall to resonate and break, much like a glass breaking from a high pitched sound. The broken vacuole wall eliminates its ability to grow and reproduce, while the same vibrations are harmless to humans, animals, fish and aquatic plants. Now your water systems will become clearer and healthier from destruction of algae and other certain root-parasitic fungi without having to apply environmentally harmful chlorine or any other chemicals for this purpose.

It is important to note that ultra sound alone might not be enough to solve all of the problems associated with a pond or lake. Even if the algae is killed, the pond might not contain enough bacteria or oxygen to break down the organic matter found in the water, including the algae killed by the ultra sound system. AlgaeControl.US brings more than the Sonic Solution product to the market. The President, a biologist by training, has more than 19 years of experience managing ponds. His experience combined with the free algae analysis we provide will result in important recommendations for improving your ponds health in a safe and environmentally friendly matter.

One final word about what the use of ultra sound will not do. There has been some concerns regarding the killing of algae with ultra sound and the release of chemicals that could cause taste or odor problems with the water. This is not the case. You can learn more about this subject by downloading the white paper Ultrasound and Algae Toxins by George Hutchinson, VP of Engineering and Water Works for Algae Control US.