Ozone Drinking Water Treatment

Ozone Drinking Water Treatment Spartan offers ozone generators and associated equipment for the treatment of drinking water with capacities of up to 1320 lbs/day (25 kg/hour). Depending on the application, up to 40 MGD of water could be treated with the largest units. These systems have been proven over 40 years and hundreds of installations to be effective and reliable. If your drinking water system needs to disinfect, remove iron or manganese, or control taste and odor, ozone can be an excellent treatment option.

Ozone is an approved technology for drinking water treatment by the US EPA . Existing and pending Surface Water Treatment Rules will increase interest in ozone and other alternative oxidants and disinfectants. It is one of the strongest disinfectants approved for potable water treatment capable of inactivating bacteria, viruses, giardia and cryptosporidium. Ozone has been used for over a century to treat drinking water with approximately 1,500 installations in Europe and 264 in the US.

For a brief explanation of ozone treatment of drinking water you can follow the link:
Spartan Technical Bulletin on Ozone Drinking Water Treatment.
If you would like a more detailed presentation on ozone in drinking water treatment you can download:
A Presentation on the Use of Ozone in Drinking Water Treatment. For a presentation on methods for calculating ozone use to meet rules for drinking water treatment follow the link on Surface Water Treatment Rules.
Additional information is available on the drinking water applications for ozone and Spartan's product line of ozone generators by following the links below:

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