Eco Friendly Pond Management

For ultra sound to work properly the pond has to have sufficient dissolved oxygen and a healthy bacteria population. In some cases, where species of ultra sound resistant algae are present, it may be necessary to kill these off before using ultra sound. AlgaeControl.US provides a full range of Eco friendly pond management products to meet these needs. South Santee Aquaculture, the parent company of AlgaeControl.US, has been maintaining ponds for customers for 20 years. This experience has taught them what products are needed and who are the best suppliers of those products. As part of their overall analysis of your situation, AlgaeControl.US can recommend the proper overall approach to controlling your algae and maintaining an attractive and healthy body of water. Below please find some of the useful products offered.


AlgaeControl.US supplies aeration systems from Kasco Marine as well as Vertex Water Features. These aeration systems can effectively add oxygen to the water to aid fish and helpful bacteria prosper. Algae can remove oxygen from the water which can result in odors and the build up of sludge in the pond or lake. This can create a toxic environment for other living organisms. In addition, these water features can add beauty to the pond or lake.


Algae and bacteria compete for the nutrients and oxygen in the water. Without a healthy population of bacteria the algae have no competitors and their growth can be uncontrolled. The algae can become so dense as to limit the effectiveness of these helpful micro organisms. Macro-Zyme, from Kasco Marine, adds both helpful bacteria as well as enzymes that naturally consume excess nutrient, remove sludge, clarify the water and eliminate odors.

When the ultra sound kills the algae, the bacteria will consume the dead algae in a fashion that will not cause a build up of sludge or unpleasant odors.

Eco Friendly Algaecide

In situations where the algae level is excessive or there is a population of ultra sound resistant bacteria, it may be necessary to kill off the algae quickly before applying ultra sound. Often this is done with copper based products. While these products work, they contaminate the water with heavy metal that will remain in the water for a long period of time.

As an alternative, AlgaeControl.US offers GreenClean from Bio Safe Systems. This product works on contact to control algae using a solid form of hydrogen peroxide. After GreenClean has killed the algae it breaks down to oxygen and water improving the dissolved oxygen content of the pond. So not only is it not harmful, it actually provides an added benefit to the pond.