Ozone and Advanced Oxidation Laboratory Services

For evaluations of ozone or advanced oxidation process laboratory studies can provide initial feasibility analysis. Spartan Environmental Technologies can conducts ozone and AOP bench studies in an EPA certified water treatment laboratory. Laboratory studies can determine which processes would be the most effective at removing COD, TOC and specific chemical compounds of interest. If success can be demonstrated at the bench level, pilot plant studies are a logical next step.

Spartan has the capability of conducting ozonation studies and advanced oxidation studies with peroxide, UV, ozone and electrolytic systems.

Before conducting experiments Spartan consults it database on viable reactions and does preliminary economic analyses to see if oxidation processes are a good fit for the application.

If you would like to see if ozone or AOP make sense for solving your water treatment application, please call Spartan at 800-492-1252 or e-mail us at info@spartanwatertreeatment.com.