Ozone and Advanced Oxidation Pilot Plant Processes

Due to the complex nature of most wastewater applications, it is usually necessary to conduct pilot plant studies to develop the necessary engineering data to design and estimate the cost of an ozone or advanced oxidation process (AOP). In some cases it makes sense to run laboratory studies prior to a pilot plant. In addition, clients often need engineering assistance to plan out a pilot plant testing program and to obtain the necessary equipment to run the tests.

Spartan Environmental Technologies offers ozone and AOP laboratory studies, pilot plant equipment and pilot plant services to allow clients to evaluate the application of ozone or AOP to their specific situation. Technologies available include fully integrated ozone water treatment systems, UV and peroxide injection. Below, as an example, is a picture of an ozone and UV skid which can be integrated to form a ozone/UV AOP. Below the picture is a process flow diagram illustrating the components of the system. Larger systems, including those with peroxide addition can also be supplied.

SPARTOX Ozone UV Pilot System
Ozone UV Pilot System Process Flow Diagram