Ozone Drinking Water Treatment

Fundamentals of Ozone Use in Drinking Water Treatment Presentation

You can download the presentation Ozone Treatment of Drinking Water which provides a detailed review of the use of ozone in drinking water treatment. It describes ozone generators, operation and maintenance issues, ozone generator support equipment, ozone disinfection and disinfection byproducts, and safety considerations.


This presentation is taken from a seminar created by Glenn Hunter and Kerwin Rakness of Process Applications, Inc and is used with their permission. Kerwin Rakness is an established expert in the use of ozone in drinking water treatment and is the author of "Ozone Treatment in Drinking Water: Process Design, Operation and Optimization" recently published by the American Water Works Association (2005). It can be purchased online at www.awwa.org/bookstore or by phone (800) 926-7337.