Ozone Generators and Ozone Generator Based Treatment Systems

Spartan Environmental Technologies supplies integrated ozone water treatment and advanced oxidation systems. These are turn key systems that include all of the major components fully integrated together with controls and instruments. These can be built on a skid, in enclosures or containerized. Spartan can also supply the individual ozone system components such as ozone generators, ozone destroyers and ozone instrumentation.

A separate line of products for gas phase ozone treatment, primarily for odor control are also available.

Packaged Ozone Water Treatment Systems

Spartan supplies complete ozone water treatment systems that integrate both ozone generation and ozone water injection in a single package. System options include:

SPARTOX skid mounted systems using an air cooled oxygen fed ozone generators with on board oxygen supply. SpartOX systems can treat water with 20 - 240 g/h of ozone. the amount of water that can be treated varies with application, please call for additional information.

Skid and Container Ozone Water Treatment Configurations: Spartan can configure our systems onto a skid or inside a container or trailer. In the case of containers or trailers Spartan can provide HVAC, lighting, and communication packages along with the ozone water treatment equipment. These systems come factory tested and normally only require a single power connection and water in/out liquid connections.

SPARTOX Ozone Water Treatment System
TPF Ozone Generators (40 - 1,320 lbs Ozone/day)

The TPF System is a modular water cooled ozone generator for larger applications including municipal drinking water and wastewater applications. Treatment volumes can exceed 40 MGD. Click here for detailed information on the TPF ozone generator.

TPF Ozone Generator
MCP Ozone Generators (2 - 56 lbs Ozone/day)

The MCP System is a modular water cooled ozone generator for mid range applications such as smaller drinking water plants, cooling towers and similar applications. Click here for more information on the MCP ozone generator.

MCP Water Cooled Ozone Generator
ATLAS Ozone Generators (1.5-4.2 lbs Ozone/day)

The Atlas series ozone generators are air cooled and can produce from 30 to 80 g/h of ozone (1.3 to 4.2 lbs/day).

Click here for more information on the Atlas Series of ozone generators

Air Cooled Ozone Generator
Support Equipment for Ozone Generators

Spartan also supplies ozone mixing devices, ozone analyzers and ozone destruct equipment that can be used in combination with the SGP, MCP and TPF ozone generators. Click here for more information on accessory products.

Ozone System Accessories
Packaged Systems for Treatment of Airborne Odors - DESOZONE

DESOZONE packaged ozone based odor control systems can handle air flow rates of 150-12,500 SCFM. Engineered systems can be designed upon request for larger applications. These systems can remove hydrogen sulfide and other odor causing organic compounds such as mercaptans. Click here for more i information on DESOZONE odor control systems.

DESOZONE Ozone Based Odor Control Systems
Advanced Oxidation Processes (AOP)

Advanced oxidation processes create hydroxyl radicals which are capable to oxidizing virtually all organic compounds efficiently and with virtually no by products. Spartan supplies various AOP including catalytic AOP. Click Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) for more a general review of advanced oxidation processes. Click ULTRAZONE Ozone UV for information on the proprietary advanced oxidation process offered by Spartan. For technical articles on advanced oxidation processes click AOP Technical Articles.

Ultrazone Ozone UV Advanced Oxidation Process