Ozone Water Treatment Articles and Presentations

Ozone Water Treatment Articles, Case Studies and Presentations

The following articles and presentations discuss ozone water treatment related applications and associated regulations:

Ozone Water Treatment Applications, Equipment and Safety, Process Applications, Inc. October 2005, Kerwin Rakness and Glenn Hunter, Adobe Acrobat (PDF) 4,479 kB

Inactivation of Cryptosporidium with Ozone, US EPA Environmental Technology Verification Report - Inactivation of Cryptosporidium Parvum by Infectivity Studies and Determination of CT Values as a Surrogate for Giardia Lamblia and Virus Inactivation in Drinking Water. Adobe Acrobat Document (PDF) 460 KB

Ozone for Drinking Water Treatment, National Drinking Water Clearing House Tech Brief on ozone for drinking waster disinfection. Adobe Acrobat Document (PDF) 152 KB

Alternative Disinfectants and Oxidants Guidance Manual, US EPA Document describes EPA guidance on the use of alternative disinfectants such a as ozone for the treatment of drinking water. Adobe Acrobat Document (PDF) 1,247 KB

Wastewater Disinfection Fact Sheet - Ozone Disinfection, USEPA Wastewater Technology Fact Sheet - Ozone Disinfection. Adobe Acrobat Document (PDF) 40 KB

Ozone for Waste Water Disinfection, National Small Flows Clearinghouse Fact Sheet providing a technical overview of ozone for wastewater disinfection. Adobe Acrobat Document (PDF) 120 KB

Ozone Treatment for Cooling Towers, New Energy and Water Saving Technology to Reduce Cooling Tower Operating Costs, Federal Technology Alert, December 1995. Adobe Acrobat (PDF) 604 KB

Ozone Treatment of Soluble Organics in Produced Water Petroleum Environmental Research Forum Project 98-04 January 2002, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, ORNL/TM-2002/5

Capsule Report -Managing Cyanide in Metal Finishing, EPA 625/R-99/009 December 2000,U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Research and Development, National Risk Management Research Laboratory, Technology Transfer and Support Division, Cincinnati, OH 45268 Adobe Acrobat (PDF) 140KB

Food Safety Technology: A Potential Role for Ozone? Agricultural Outlook/June-July 1998, Economic Research Service/USDA, p. 13-15, Alex Majchrowicz, Adobe Acrobat (PDF) 185 KB

Treatment Technologies for 1,4-Dioxane:Fundamentals and Field Applications, Office of Solid Wasteand Emergency Response, EPA-542-R-06-009,December 2006