Ozone Engineering and Pilot Plant Services

Ozone Engineering Services

Spartan offers applied ozone engineering services for various applications including drinking water, odor removal and industrial wastewater treatment. For larger applications These services are provided in conjunction with Ozono Elettronica Internazionale (OEI). OEI has a staff of 14 engineers and scientists that have provided both basic and detailed engineering for complete ozone treatment processes for 35 years. OEI supplements their full time staff with experts from research institutes familiar with ozone and its applications. Spartan Environmental Technologies coordinates the provision of OEI engineering services in the US and Canada.

Spartan can also conduct laboratory and pilot testing in order to evaluate the feasibility of ozone and advanced oxidation processes as well as to develop the necessary engineering data for estimating the cost of a commercial scale ozone or advanced oxidation system.

Laboratory services are conducted in conjunction at the clients location or at our partner, Biosolutions, LLC. Biosolutions is an EPA certified water testing laboratory so they are able to perform COD, BOD, AA, color and other water tests often used in conjunction with evaluating water treatment processes.

Pilot equipment allows for larger water samples to be tested either at a facility like Biosolutions, or, as more often is the case at the clients location.

10 GPM Ozone Injection Skid
20 gpm Ozone Injection Skid

10 and 20 gpm Ozone Pilot Systems

Contact Spartan for more information on the nature and scope of our engineering services at 800-492-1252 or e-mail us at info@spartanwatertreatment.com.