Ozone Skid and Containerized Water Treatment Systems

Spartan Environmental Technologies is a custom integrator of ozone water treatment systems. Spartan can configure our systems onto a skid or inside a container or trailer. In the case of containers or trailers, Spartan can provide HVAC, lighting, and communication packages along with the ozone water treatment equipment. These systems come factory tested and normally only require a single power connection and water in/out liquid connections.

The picture below shows a completely self-contained skid mounted ozone system that makes its own oxygen feed gas with an on skid oxygen concentrator and compressor package.

A similar skid system that requires a compressed air feed is shown in the next picture.

Larger systems that need to be located outside, where no building is present, can be handled as a container. In some cases all of the equipment can be located in the container, if necessary for security purposes, or just the weather/temperature sensitive equipment.

Below is a layout drawing showing a system where all but the liquid injection system is containerized.

The pictures below show a container system with most of the ozone generating equipment located inside the container along with lighting and HVAC.

The same approach used for constructing a fixed location container can be adapted to make a mobile system using a trailer as the enclosure. Small trailers to large trailers (40 foot) can be configured. These systems can be designed to meet the local site conditions to maximize value to the client. Contact Spartan to discuss the requirements for ozone or advanced oxidation water treatment as well as the requirements for siting the system.