Ozone Treatment of Industrial Sumps

Maintenance of Sumps with Ozone

Sumps at industrial facilities can become easily fouled by biological growth resulting in the blockage of pumps and unpleasant odors. Ozone can be easily applied to sumps to prevent the growth of biological films and removal of these odors.

If the sump affords a way to vent gases away from the tank, a simple arrangement can devised using an ozone generator and a diffuser stone (fine bubble diffuser). Alternatively a small recycling pump with venturi injector can be used, this type of system can be designed with a degassing device to allow even open sumps to use ozone.

The ozone will eliminate the growth of micro organisms in the tank and at the same time destroy and odor causing compounds that might be present. Ozone works over a range of pH, unlike chlorine, so the adjustments in pH will not effect its biocidal performance. Continuous use of ozone will over time remove biofilms on the sump and associated equipment.

The schematic below shows a simplified arrangement for applying ozone using a fine bubble diffuser.

Schematic of Ozone Sump Water Treatment System