Ozone Water Treatment Skid

Spartan Environmental Technologies provides skid mounted ozone injection systems including standard (SPARTOX)and custom designed units. The figure on the right shows a simple system design employing a venturi injector with booster pump. The ozone generator is supplied oxygen from a PSA type oxygen concentrator. A needle valve allows back pressure to be applied against the ozone generator. Most ozone generators require back pressure of 5-20 psi. The design also include a back flow prevention system. In this case, a liquid tap and check valve. The venturi injector is driven by a booster pump. The design provides for measurement of the flow to the injector as well and inlet and outlet pressure. All three parameters are important to determining the gas flow through the injector.

The photos on the right show the front and side view of a 3 lb/day (57 g/hr) ozone injection skid that employs the design shown above. The photos below show details of the controls and gauges for the system. Along with the photos is a drawing of the system. It uses one of the AE series ozone generators and a Topaz+ oxygen concentrator/compressor package. The skid has a foot print of 36" x 28" and a height of 50".

Ozone Water Treatment System Process Flow Diagram
Ozone Injection Skid - Front view
Ozone Injection Skid - Side View
Ozone Injection Skid - Wate Side Controls
Ozone Injection Skid - Back Flow Protection (Liquid Trap)
Ozone Injection Skid - Gas Side Controls
Ozone Injection Skid - Ozone Generator Control Panel
Ozone Injection Skid Drawing