Ozone Water Treatment and Advanced Oxidation

Ozone Generators

Ozone is a powerful oxidant that can be used for disinfection and removal of unwanted contaminants from air or water. Spartan offers systems and services for a variety of ozone water and air purification applications including: drinking water treatment, industrial wastewater treatment, process water treatment and odor removal from sewage and industrial plants.

Advanced Oxidation Processes

Advanced oxidation processes produce hydroxyl radicals. These oxidants can attack and break down virtually any organic compound. Spartan can supply various AOP including proprietary systems that can remove organic contaminants from a variety of water treatment applications.

Ultrasonic Algae Control

Ultra Sonics is a proven way to control algae without the use of chemicals in ponds, lakes and reservoirs. Ultra sonic algae control systems from Sonic Solutions are cost effective systems are easy to install and operate. You can learn more about Sonic solutions algae control systems by following the link below.