Spartan Environmental Technologies News 2009

Spartan Environmental Technologies and Ozono Elettronica Internazionale (OEI) Announce the Introduction of Ozone Generator with Improved Output and Energy Efficiency.

Spartan is announcing the introduction of two new lines of ozone generators from OEI, the TPF XT and MCP XT. Both systems can produce ozone from either dry compressed air or oxygen.

With dry air feed gas the TPF XT series can produce 2-3 weight percent ozone from .8 to 15 kg/h. Using oxygen feed, the system can be produced at 6-10 weight percent ozone from 1.3 - 25 kg/h. Power consumption is 9.5 kWh/kg of ozone produced.

With dry air feed gas, the MCP XT series can produce 2-3 weight percent ozone from 40 to 560 g/h. Using oxygen feed, the unit can be produced at 6-10 weight percent ozone from 67 - 938 g/h.

The generator use IGBT electronics with PLC based controls. As with previous TPF/MCP ozone generators materials of construction include glass, 316 L stainless and flouro polymers. The electrical components conform to CE, with UL rating available upon request. Air fed systems come with on board air dryers capable of achieving -70 degree C dew point feed gas.

Anthony Sacco, Marketing Director for Spartan, said: “Spartan is pleased to offer these high performance systems to our customers in the United States and Canada. With increasing interest in alternative water treatment technologies, these high efficiency ozone generators should offer water treatment companies additional options for water purification.”

June 8th, 2009, Spartan Environmental Technologies announces the introduction of its SPARTOX (TM) ozone water treatment system.

Spartan has introduced the SPARTOX ozone water treatment system. The SPARTOX system is completely self contained. The only hook-ups are for the water to be treated and the main electrical power. The base system comes with computer control via a touch screen interface. The base units can be supplied with 30-60 g/h of ozone output matched to a on skid ozone injection system employing a booster pump and venturi injector. The skid comes with Spartan's Triple Guard (TM) back flow prevention system that uses check valves, liquid trap, vacuum switch and solenoid valve to protect the ozone system from water damage. Optional equipment include integrated O3 or ORP control of the ozone generator using a PID controller, VFD pump control, on skid degas, and on skid ozone destruct. The SPARTOX system is currently available with 4 week delivery.

SPARTOX and Triple Guard are trademarks of Spartan Environmental Technologies, LLC

Spartan Environmental Technologies presented a Paper to a Meeting of the American Society of Plumbing Engineers in Indianapolis, IN on February 19, 2009.

Anthony R. Sacco, Marketing Director for Spartan Environmental Technologies, LLC presented a paper entitled: "Ozone Water Treatment, Applications and Design" to the Central Indiana section of the American society of Plumbing Engineers (ASPE). ASPE is involved in developing standards for building water systems. With a new emphasis on Green Buildings, ozone can play an important role in improving the environmental sustainability of buildings. Several of these areas were covered in the talk including rain water harvesting and cooling tower biofilm control. The value of ozone in green buildings is that while it is an outstanding biocide and oxidant, it leaves no residual chemical signature in the water. This is because ozone breaks down into oxygen after it has acted on micro organisms and organic contaminants. Spartan would like to thank the ASPE for the invitation to speak.