UV Disinfection Systems

Spartan supplies UV disinfection systems from UV Sciences Inc. The UV reactors are classified as “Closed Vessel” systems. These systems can operate at high pressures, allowing a very large flow rate in a small volume. An external pump forces water through the UV reaction chamber. The high pressure-small volume benefits the disinfection capability. UV energy has a finite length of transmittance in water. So making the flow channel “small or narrow” ensures complete penetration of the UV energy into the water medium.

UV Sciences Inc has engineered the most efficient UV reactor chamber in the market. This efficiency allows our units to scale down in size, as much as 75% smaller than competing products, without giving up performance. This efficiency benefits the end user. Less energy is needed to power smaller and fewer UV lamps. Less space is needed to install the unit. Cost of operation is significantly less due to this efficiency.

Ultraviolet Sciences has introduced the UVS series of UV water disinfection equipment. The UVS offers significant benefits over competitive systems. Many of the benefits are unique to the UVS design, creating the most efficient UV reaction chamber. Their design increases the efficiency of chamber resulting in unmatched UV performance (patents pending). Data sheets for the three main series of reactors are available for download:

As a result of increased efficiencies of the UVS Reactors, it is now possible to deliver a standard ultraviolet dose with fewer and shorter UV lamps. Fewer and shorter lamps cost less, require less energy, and reduces operating costs including the cost of spare parts and maintenance.

Benefits of the UVS Series:
  • Less Space Required for Equivalent dose (Illustration below)
  • Fewer and Shorter Lamps
  • Reduced Energy Consumption
  • Lower Overall Operating Costs
  • Lower Spare Parts and Maintenance Costs
  • NIST Traceable UV Monitor
  • Static Operation (No Flow) up to 8 Hours
  • Standard High Pressure (150 psig)
  • Standard Sanitary Design