Ozone Generators and Advanced Oxidation Processes

Ozone Vent Gas Destroyers

Spartan Environmental Technologies supplies a wide range of ozone destroyers covering gas flow rates from 0.62 to 624 SCFM. In ozone water treatment systems, not all of the ozone is transferred to the water and escapes. This excess ozone, about 1-5 % of the amount applied is often sent to an ozone destroyer or decomposer before release into the atmosphere. Ozone can be decomposed by heating the vent gas or heating in combination with a catalysts. You can learn more about the vent gas treatment or ozone water treatment systems in general by following the links on this page.

Spartan supplies three types of ozone destroyers: thermal (Model DOT), thermal catalytic (Model DOCAT) and thermal with heat recovery (Model DTR). Diagrams, photos and technical data on each system can be found by following the following links:

Spartan can also supply ozone vent gas monitors that follow the concentration of ozone in the vent gas.

If you need further information on ozone vent gas treatment, ozone destroyers or any other aspect of an ozone water treatment system please call Spartan Environmental Technologies at 800-492-1252 or e-mail us at info@spartanwatertreatment.com.