Ozone Water Mixing Contacting

Ozone is an unstable gas that is soluble in pure water in water at 0.64 on a vol/vol basis at 0 degrees C, which is greater than oxygen, but less than chlorine. Ozone decomposes in water over time. At 20 C its half life is approximately 20 minutes. In order for ozone to be used in water treatment applications the ozone must be mixed with water, dissolve into the water and have time to react with micro organisms or chemical compounds. For the purpose of disinfection, in fact, the inactivation of micro organisms has been correlated to the concentration of ozone and the amount of contact time. This is referred to as CT. The level of inactivation, sometimes referred to as the disinfection credit expressed as the log reduction of the organism, is also a function of the water temperature and specific organism to be controlled.

Methods of ozone water mixing along with links to further information:

Background Information of Ozone Solubility and Stability Factors Effecting Ozone Transfer Efficiency:
Transfer efficiency is the amount of ozone dissolved into the water divided by the total amount fed to the mixing system expressed as a percentage.