Ozone Water Treatment Systems

Ozone can not be stored and transported so it must be generated on-site. An ozone water treatment system is composed of a number of elements, most of which are required for a safe and fully functional system. The topics listed below are the main elements of an ozone water treatment system. The links lead to more detailed discussions of each topic through the website. Spartan Environmental Technologies can supply complete ozone systems for a variety of applications. Contact us at 800-492-1252 or info@spartanwatertreatment.com.

Ozone Water Treatment System Components

  • Feed Gas Systems: Ozone can be produced from dry air, oxygen concentrated from air or liquid oxygen (LOX). This link will discuss the various feed gas options and the issues associated with each. It will also discuss the specific types of equipment used.
  • Ozone Generators: Ozone is most often produced in commercial quantities using corona discharge method. this link leads to a discussion of the corona discharge process along with a brief discussion of other methods of producing ozone.
  • Ozone Generator Cooling: Ozone generators must be kept cool to efficiently produce ozone this is normally done using forced or natural convection air flow or water.
  • Ozone Water Mixing/Contacting: Since ozone is a gas it must be dissolved in water for the purpose of chemical oxidation or disinfection. The link leads to a discussion of the various methods for mixing ozone and water.
  • Ozone Vent Gas Treatment: Ozone is usually a small percentage of the total gas fed into the water, therefore the water must be degassed and the remaining ozone in the vent gas destroyed. Ozone decomposition systems are usually referred to as ozone destruct systems or ozone destroyers.
  • Ozone Residual Removal: In some application any residual ozone must be removed prior to use or discharge.
  • Ozone Water Treatment System Instrumentation: Instrumentation for monitoring the ozone generator and associated processes can be important for certain applications. This link will lead you to a discussion of the overall instrumentation options and more detailed pages on specific instruments.

You can click on the following link to see an example of an actual small ozone water treatment system skid built by Spartan Environmental Technologies with a drawing, process flow sheet and photos that illustrate some of the components discussed above.