Time Line of Ozone Generator Use in Drinking Water

Time Line of Ozone Use In Drinking Water (Potable Water) Treatment

While ozone use is a relatively recent phenomenon in the US, it has a much longer history in Europe. Even in the US ozone has been in use for most of the last century. In fact, the largest concentration of drinking water treatment systems employing ozone are located in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. Major cities in the US and their close in suburbs using ozone include Los Angeles, Detroit, Dallas, Tampa, Boston, among many others.

  • 1886 - First Experimental Ozone use for Disinfection of Water de Meritence, France
  • 1892 - Several Experimental Plants Operating throughout Europe
  • 1906 - First Full Scale Ozone Plant by Marius Paul Otto in Bon Voyage, France
  • 1909 - Second full scale plant in Nice, France
  • 1911 - Ozone Generators started in St. Petersburg, Kiev, Gorski and Moscow
  • 1940 - First Ozone Water Treatment Plant in Whiting, IN USA
  • 1949 - Ozone Drinking Water Treatment in Philadelphia, PA, USA
  • 1950 - 136 Ozone Plants in France, England and Germany serving 8 MM people

From this beginning 1,000 ozone generators have been installed in drinking water plants around the world by 1999. Today there are approximately 3,000 ozone plants in the world today with over 1,500 in Europe and 260 in the US.

Below is a chart of ozone drinking water treatment growth in the US over the last 30 years:

Ozone Use in US  Drinking Water Plant